Monday, March 19, 2007

Slow down? Stop creating? Can't do it!

My husband recently told me to stop creating new jewelry pieces. Why? Because I have too much inventory and not selling them means I'm losing money. Savvy? But how can one who is obsessed with the creative part of jewelry making just 'stop'? I can't! It would really help if all this promoting I have been doing would create some sales. That's his other complaint ~ I'm on the computer too much! Indeed I am ~ on every website, blog site, photo site I know of. I'm finding it difficult to keep up. Then at Etsy we are advised to post a new listing at least 2x a week, which means create more or recycle older listings. Back to the core dilemna ~ my passion in jewelry creation!

Help me reduce my inventory. Hopefully, those who might read this blog will check out my jewelry shop at and discover that unique piece of jewelry that you would love to have!

If you convo me on the Etsy site, mention #2564437 and I will give you 15% off your purchase of any item in my shop.

Thank you, BJ

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Monica Huete said...

This jewellry is so beautiful, loved it ...